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Animal Reiki Healing Services

At Synergy Reiki Healing in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania, I understand the companionship, joy, and unconditional love that your pet brings into your life. Animal Reiki is one of the best things you can give them in return. 

Animals recognize and respond intuitively to the gentle healing effects of Reiki. This makes them more receptive to the technique’s benefits. Animal Reiki can help relieve your pet of all acute and chronic bodily ailments. More importantly, it can help restore their vitality and keep them in good health.

If you have a dying pet, you can give them more love and support with Animal Reiki to ease their transition to the spiritual world.

How are Animal Reiki sessions done?

I can travel to your home, barn, or stable to hold an Animal Reiki healing session for your pet. I can also come to veterinary clinics and hospitals to see sick animals.

What can I expect?

Animals can relax and receive Reiki much more successfully when they are comfortable and in their own environments. Many animals enjoy in-person sessions and will often present the body part that needs Reiki energy. However, for other animals, sessions are much more comfortable from a distance. With this in mind, I will be more than happy to adjust to satisfy your pet’s preference.

 How many Animal Reiki sessions should my animal receive?

Each animal’s needs are different. Depending on the situation, results can be seen immediately or within a day or two. Sometimes it is necessary to do several consecutive sessions in a short period of time to help your pet receive the maximum benefit.  

What will an Animal Reiki session feel like for my pet?

The Animal Reiki experience is unique for each animal but feelings of deep relaxation are commonly observed.  Many animals smile, yawn, lick or kiss, roll over to offer their belly, stretch, or fall asleep when receiving Reiki.  Basically, they simply relax and enjoy the session because it makes them feel better.

What does an Animal Reiki session look like? 

During an Animal Reiki session I will gently place my hands in specific positions above the body and change positions when necessary.

Can Animal Reiki be done from a distance? 

Yes. Distance Reiki will provide what is needed for animals that live too far to be available for in-person sessions.